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An artist-led gallery, studios and social workspace in Liverpool.
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Unit 3, Vauxhall Business Centre
131 Vauxhall Road,
Liverpool L3 6BN UK

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About us

The Royal Standard is an artist-led gallery, studios and social workspace in Liverpool

Through a dynamic and challenging gallery programme that brings together local, national and international artists, we aim to showcase the most exciting, innovative exhibitions and events that we can, working with the most outstanding recent graduates and emerging artists as well as more established practitioners and other artist-led initiatives.

The Royal Standard is dedicated to promoting exchange, dialogue and experimentation, providing a supportive and critically engaged environment to work in, and acting as a social hub for our studio membership of over 40 artists, as well as the wider cultural community. Our multi-purpose project space offers a testing ground for artists to push their ideas in new directions, and a setting for more spontaneous events and activity happening independently to the main gallery programme.

The Royal Standard was established in 2006 by four Liverpool-based artists in response to the need for a new artist-led organisation that would operate somewhere in between the city’s grass-roots DIY initiatives and the more established arts institutions. Originally housed in a former pub in Toxteth, in 2008 The Royal Standard undertook an ambitious relocation and expansion into a larger industrial space on the Northern periphery of the city centre, relaunching to acclaim for the 2008 Liverpool Biennial.

The Royal Standard is currently run by a team of four to six directors, with a new team appointed on a two-year rolling basis, enabling the organisation’s ideas and energy to remain fresh and continuing to offer opportunities to new groups of emerging artists.

Current Directors are:

Mike Aitken
Ellie Barrett
James Harper
Charlotte Horn
Rachel Marcroft
Louis Palliser-Ames

 Former Directors are:

Amy Jones
Peter Martin
Elizabeth Murphy
Dave Evans
Frances Disley
Madeline Hall
Andy Foulds
Natalie Hughes
Sam Venables
Laura Robertson
Lucy MacDonald
Hamish McLain
Jemma Egan
Laurence Payot
Gabriel Stones
Penny Whitehead
Jim Buso
Kevin Hunt
Eleanor Hawkridge
Sean Hawkridge
Paul Luckraft