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An artist-led gallery, studios and social workspace in Liverpool.
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Unit 3, Vauxhall Business Centre
131 Vauxhall Road,
Liverpool L3 6BN UK

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Start Aug 6, 2012
End Sep 7, 2012

2012 Artist in Residence: Jeanine Woollard

Jeanine Woollard will be our 2012 artist in residence.


Start Jun 8, 2012
End Jul 1, 2012

Mikey Georgeson – Trope

By Mikey Georgeson

Featuring new paintings by Mikey Georgeson.

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Start Sep 15, 2012
End Nov 25, 2012

Liverpool Biennial 2012: Service Provider

For the Liverpool Biennial 2012 The Royal Standard presents Service Provider a ten week programme exploring notions of both private and public hospitality within the context of a biennial structure and the role an artist run space performs within this as an autonomous organisation

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Start May 18, 2012
End May 19, 2012


The Royal standard presents FAVELA, a two day event celebrating the work of artists currently based at the studio through a series of exhibitions, talks and film screenings.

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Start Apr 6, 2012
End May 6, 2012

Plans Within Plans

By Richard Whitby

At The Royal Standard, Whitby will show three new videos. Using different modes of presentation and modelling, they explore the commonality between architectural ‘pre-visualisations’, cinematic special effects, stage-set designs and the propositions of contemporary advertising.

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Start Feb 4, 2012
End Mar 3, 2012

My Five New Friends

By Oliver Braid with It's Our Playground

Featuring new commissions by: David Hoyle & Lee Baxter, Maayke Schurer, Patrick Staff, Roxy Topia & Paddy Gould, Tether

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Start Nov 19, 2011
End Nov 20, 2011

Drawing Sessions

In collaboration with Drawing Paper (Thanks to Hannah Bitowski-Smith for Photos)

Through a series of talks, performances and timed drawing sessions we explored this most primal of mediums and its relationship with, and response to, other creative practices.

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Start Nov 14, 2011
End Dec 2, 2011

Love In at Supercollider

Presented by Supercollider


Start Sep 30, 2011
End Oct 29, 2011


At Aid & Abet

For Space Exchange at Aid & Abet, The Royal Standard will present an assortment of objects acquired by the organisation over the previous 5 years of its existence.

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Start Sep 23, 2011
End Oct 2, 2011


Presented by ICML

ICML is a collective of artists spread between Bristol and London. As well as collaborating together for shows and other artworks, their main group focus is a publication that both reflects on and provides them with a platform to collaborate with different artists and artist-led initiatives across the UK.

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